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Tentant Online Maintenance Request

At E.M.J. Properties LLC, we pride ourselves on our service for our tenants. We want to ensure the best turnaround and completion of all of your maintenance issues.

Please submit all maintenance requests online, to do so click on this link to report any maintenance issues.

Mobile Maintenance App

Our maintenance service provider offers a convenient way to submit your maintenance issues by using your Android or iPhone Smartphone. Of course, the app works on iPads as well. The app is available for free at the Google Play Store and the App Store.


For the FASTEST response to non-emergency Maintenance Requests, click on the button above to submit your Maintenance Request online!


All maintenance requests need to be submitted through the tenant login portal by clicking here.  If you need assistance with setting up your login and password please contact the office. Only maintenance emergencies will be taken over the phone. Only situations that are of an emergency nature will be responded to.

Emergency is defined as: Anything relating to the property under the lease that is threatening to life, health or the integrity of the property.

Following are some basic guidelines as to what constitutes a maintenance emergency.

Fire: Call 911 immediately then call our office.

A/C Repair: If the outside temperature is above 90 degrees

Heater Repair: If outside temperature is falling below 40 degrees. Note:  If your unit is a gas unit make sure your Columbia Gas bill is current and not shut off.  Please Contact Col Gas at 288-0200 before placing a maintenance call. If our HVAC guys come out and the heat is off due to Gas being shut off you will be responsible for the trip charge.

Clogged Toilet or Sink/Tub Drain: This is not considered an emergency. Per your lease, this is your responsibility for any clogged toilet or drain pipes. We will send our plumbers out and if it turns out that there are roots in the line or something is physically wrong with the plumbing we will fix the issue. If it clogged due to any issues such as tissue, food, hair or any other items the tenant will be billed for the plumber trip to unclog the toilet/sink/tub. Note: If you have a running toilet immediately turn off the valve located behind the toilet. Then place a non emergency maintenance call by logging into the tenant login portal by clicking here . The toilet is still usable by turning on during each time of use. It will save on your water bill by turning off any running toilets until maintenance can respond to call

Pipe Broken or water leaks: Turn off main water valve until contractor arrives.

Broken Doorknob, Lock or Window: Only if it prevents Resident from properly securing unit. If temporary measures can be taken until business hours, resident should wait until regular business hours before contacting management.

No Hot Water: Only if there is absolutely no hot water and it is between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday-Friday. If there is no hot water at any other time use temporary measures. Note : If your unit is a gas unit, make sure your Columbia Gas bill is current and not shut off. Please contact Col. Gas at 288-0200 before placing a maintenance call.

No Electricity: Only if there is no electricity and 1.) The Resident has called the electric company and found that they were not at fault. 2.) After Resident has checked all the breakers by flipping them ALL hard to the OFF position and then back on and reset all GFI circuits in the house. Partial outages do not represent an emergency! If a wall switch or outlet begins to smoke or smell remove all plugs and turn off switch if necessary call the fire department.

These are the basic calls that may constitute an emergency. If you have a situation other than these, which seems immediately hazardous, damaging or detrimental, please call our office.

Non-emergency, routine maintenance

The following are not emergencies: refrigerator out, locking yourself out of the house, oven not working and pest control. Bluegrass Fine Homes is not responsible for loss of food or for alternative lodging due to appliance failure.

All other routine maintenance request must be put in writing, please use form above to submit your maintenance request.



1. Electric Problems? Certain electrical problems may be due to a tripped breaker. Always check your breaker box before calling for service. You will be charged for a service call if a tripped breaker is the cause of the problemAlso check around sinks in kitchens and baths to see if any tripped GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt) outlets may be the cause of the problem. Pressing the reset button on these outlets will often restore power to that outlet and those around it. You will be charged for the service call if a tripped GFI outlet is the cause of the problem.

2. Garbage Disposal won’t work? Make sure you’ve pushed in the reset button located on the bottom of your unit. You will be charged for the service call if a tripped reset button is the cause of the problem.

3. Smoke Detector beeping? Replace the batteries. If the detector continues beeping, submit maintenance request.  You will be charged for the service call if dead or dying batteries are the cause of the problem.

4. No power to dishwasher? Flip any nearby light switches, and check dishwasher again.  You will be charged for the service call if a light switch in the incorrect position is the cause of the problem.

5. Lights not working? Ensure bulb is compatible with fixture. If still not working, replace the bulb. Louise Beck Properties does not replace light bulbs, under any circumstances, regardless of height, location, or style.  You will be charged for the service call if an incompatible or missing bulb is the cause of the problem.

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